Learn more about our merger with Haven from Hunger

Citizens Inn breaks the patterns of instability that lead to homelessness and hunger for every individual served.

Want to help out? Contact us at 978-531-9775 or info@citizensinn.org and we’ll get you started. We need your financial support, volunteer spirit, and advocacy. Bring your skills and get involved today and help change lives for the better! Please consider even a small donation to Citizens Inn to help us continue the work we do every day.

Citizens Inn Transition combines a sober family environment with services to help successfully transition from an addiction treatment program.

Citizens Inn Between program offers temporary shelter for families who are facing an emergency need of housing.

Our Citizens Inn Homes Program ensures ultimate stability for families through intensive case management and a portfolio of affordable rental units.

Citizens Inn Haven from Hunger offers a food pantry and a community meals program at 71 Wallis Street in Peabody.


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